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Patricia Colleen Murphy teaches creative writing at Arizona State University where she is the founding editor of the literary magazine Superstition Review. Her poems have appeared in many literary journals, including The Iowa Review, Quarterly West, and American Poetry Review. Her poems have received awards from Glimmer Train Press, The Southern California Review, Gulf Coast, The Madison Review, and Bellevue Literary Review. She runs LitMagLunch.com.

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Swearing off Greater Than

Patricia Colleen Murphy

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“What makes an island: too few canoes.”
—Mark Bibbins

My anger gets promoted

                                from hourly

to salaried. Suddenly,

                                all my enemies

show up shaved like pre-pube

                                esecent boys. I’m standing

behind the cage

                                I keep my demons in.

I’m inventing two hitch

                                hikers who want to

murder me but

                                I’m so smart

I open my trench

                                and they shriek

at my sagging

                                golden faces.

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