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Wess Mongo Jolley’s work has been published in PANK, Off the Coast, and the anthology The Good Things About America. He also produces and hosts the IndieFeed Performance Poetry podcast, which has featured poets who have appeared in decomP, such as Jon Sands, Jeanann Verlee, and Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, among others.

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Wess Mongo Jolley

I like your
face, your shiny bared teeth,
bloody like that.

I like your hair matted with
gore, dirt under your fingernails,
beard asplatter.

I like it when you
roar, show your fangs,
hands like claws.

Your open mouth raw as an
oyster, tongue pulled back,
pink and tender.

And deep in the
cave, a golden tooth,
a nugget of ore.

Crafted by an artist
who, with a wink,
reveals the man behind the curtain.

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