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L. M. Alder’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in theNewerYork, Mobius, Asimov’s, Corium, and elsewhere.

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My Favorite Filipina Porn Star

L. M. Alder

Is also a poet. She writes haiku, like:

           another penis
           fills me like a rib-eye steak
           Pittsburgh moist and red


           a morning workout
           the cameras not yet rolling
           I run like a dog

She sends them to the haiku magazines. She uses a pseudonym, just one word:

Ina, Tagalog for mother.

I read them all, then start writing some of my own:

           man closes window
           and clears browser history
           after the money shot


           oh, Ina, you’re as
           beautiful as a dumpster
           on a cold, bright night

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