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Meghann Plunkett is a poet, performer, computer coder, and feminist. Her publications include The Paris-American, Muzzle Magazine, Winter Tangerine, and the anthology Chorus (Simon & Schuster, 2012). Her essays can be found in Luna Luna Magazine. She is the creator of the show Kiss Punch Poem, a weekly improvised poetry series in New York City, as well as the writer in residence for the staff at Omega Institute. Currently, Meghann is an MFA candidate at Southern Illinois University.

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In Response To A Comment On My Outspoken Nature,
That I Have No Manners

Meghann Plunkett

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When taken by the throat
I know how to say thank you.
How to be cut down mid sentence

how to shut my empty mouth
up and out without a ride I know
how to carry my panties home

in my purse. I know how to rise
the skeleton from my nothing body
starving up the currency of me.

I know how to be held
against a wall, when I am called
a bitch I know how to say yes.

Three times a day, I know how
to apologize on my stomach,
to feel grateful that I am

the only woman. I know
how to good girl a Sunday
into submission. When asked

to open my mouth I am already
kneeling. When asked if I want it
I know how to say please.

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