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Some of R Jay Slais’s publications include poems at Barnwood Poetry Magazine, Boston Literary Magazine, MiPOesias, Oranges & Sardines, The Pedestal Magazine, and Rose & Thorn Journal. His first collection of poetry, Mice Verses Man, was released January 2010 from Big Table Publishing Company. A single father raising his two kids, he writes from his home in Romeo, Michigan. He blogs at calderhawke.blogspot.com, and can be reached via e-mail at rjay61@comcast.net.

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In Every Loss I Found

R Jay Slais

The rain rises up
instead of falling
just as a three leg dog,
two front, one to the rear
canters like a proud pony,
angling straight across the street,
not car wary...such grace
like a death turn half smile,
or the whispers one imagines
inside an empty seashell.
Deaf is the unasked question;
why the leaves turn
browner than old blood
or why the road is harder
then an uncrackable bone?

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