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Nancy Hightower has been published in The New York Quarterly, Spry, Heavy Feather Review, storySouth, Longleaf Review, Sundog Lit, and Joyland, among others. Her first collection of poetry, The Acolyte, was published in 2015 by Port Yonder Press.

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One Poem  

Nancy Hightower


As if your body
were broken on my tongue,
like Christ, like a baptism,
like a drowning fit for
saints and sinners
and everyone else
tapping their watches,
looking for a crucifixion
or a missed train.

Breathe, you whisper, even though
I’ve long run out of air,
even though I sink
every time you inhale
and call it salvation,
the world reduced
to a mere hum beneath
these waves, the world
being nothing more
than a construct, an exercise
in faith that there’s a sky
and it’s blue.

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