MAY 2009


Things for the Benefit of Security Cameras
By P. H. Madore, Mar 30, 2009

Iíve been doing things for the benefit of security cameras. Standing straighter, gesticulating more, talking louder, boarding elevators in buildings Iíve never lived in. Soon the authorities will follow my plot. Iíll get more complex. Shoplift a box of tampons before shattering a storefront. Stand outside a pub only to follow random uglies home. Appear, on time, where Iím not employed. Outright senselessness will combat surveillance. Iíll set a trend. Ridiculous things will happen. Everyone will be masking their real selves with ludicrous fakes.

P. H. Madore is the author of Here Lies an American Dreamer and Da Vinci Died Before Cigarettes. He is the first and current editor of dispatch litareview, and keeps a blog at