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Chris Antzoulis is a New York-based poet and comic book writer with an MFA in writing from Sarah Lawrence College. His poetry has appeared in Yes Poetry, Newtown Literary, and Cowbird. He has also helped other writers reach audiences through his work with literary magazines such as Madcap Review and Lumina. He currently lives in Queens, NY, with his two evil cats and teaches creative writing at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY. For more information, or to contact Chris, you can visit chrisantzoulis.com.

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One Poem 

Chris Antzoulis

Cursed Words

I’ve begun to mourn our voices
falling off our tongues like ripe gourds
wrapped in barbed wire.

Our eyes would start to say,
watch your step,
as we drop to our knees

and pilfer for the fruits,
unhinge our jaws,
and swallow them whole—

prongs and all,
sputtering, tumbling like spurs
down our throats.

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